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About the Fund

Sadie Elizabeth McCann was born on April 29, 2010 to parents Adin and Cathy McCann and was diagnosed with Aicardi Syndrome at six weeks of age. During her short life, Sadie experienced many medical challenges – unrelenting seizures, significant developmental and physical disabilities, multiple hospitalizations and surgeries – but she also brought great joy to her family and those around her. Sadie passed away in November 2013 from complications of Aicardi Syndrome.

The McCanns were blessed by help and support from many individuals and organizations during Sadie’s short life. As a way to honor her memory, this Fund provides assistance to other families living with this challenging diagnosis.

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How We Help

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Volunteer Leadership


Cathy McCann


Amy Davis

Frannie Gallagher

Sarah Macklin, DPT

Jami Markle Hadley

Adin McCann

Megan McCann

Morayo Orija

Margaret Storey

Josh Uebelhor

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